Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Your Information

It occurred to me yesterday that I've actually learned a thing or two about the business of show. Maybe even three things! It also occurred to me that these things might be of some value to others. So I decided to write some articles. My first one is about making a resume. If you find it useful or just want to something say nice about it, feel free to leave a public comment. If you hate it or have some constructive criticism, please feel free to let me know privately! When I add new articles, they'll show up here. Not here, here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keith for Sale: Free Shipping and Gift Wrapping Available

Ah, Bank Issues, a subject that hits close to home for me and many of my readers, or would, if I had many readers. As a bonus, this DVD includes The Magic Pie, and who doesn't like pie? (Pie sold separately.) That's more than five minutes of video! In color!! Available on

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tale of an Extraordinary Evening

My friend Spenser told me she was performing in Tales of the Extraordinary tonight, so I said I would go see her. For those hypothetical readers who can't be bothered to click on a hyperlink, Tales is a podcast in the style of a 1920s radio serial, recorded in front of a live audience. When I got there, it turned out there was one actor to few or one part too many or something, and I found myself reading from a script I'd never seen before with a group of people most of whom I'd never seen before in front of another group of people I'd never seen before.Well, I'm used to that last part. It's called an audience. So now I'm a radio star! Except for the "star" part. And the "radio." Anyway, the episode with my contribution is supposed to go up this Friday at It's "The Revenge of" something or other, episode 1.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Square To Be Hip

I'm not a background actor, OK? But a guy's gotta eat, so here I am. Fortunately, I was able to find an outlet (an electrical one, not a creative one - it's background work) and an unsecured WiFi network, so I'm able to do some online work, check my e-mail, tend to my Facebook and MySpace pages, and this. I submitted myself in several categories on this project - producer, business traveler, etc. - but I got called in today as a hipster hanging out at a Silverlake coffee shop. This startled me a little, as I thought my hipster eligibility had expired a few years ago. In any case, that particular subculture kind of passed me by - along with grunge, emo, and whatever subcultures have arisen in the past 15 or so years. Googling "silverlake hipster wear" showed me that apparently the hipster species comes in many varieties. The only common denominator I could see was tight pants. Plaid seemed fairly common too. So here I am in my tightest pants and plaidest shirt, staring at the crafts-services table, afraid that if I eat something I might pop a button.