Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Dreamed We Were Expecting A Full House...

... and then somebody realized he had counted some reservations twice, so there weren't as many people coming as expected. Aaiieee! Whew, what a scary dream. What's that? It really happened? Aaiieee! OK, calm down. There's still time for people to call 714-630-9870 and book the remaining seats.

NIGHTMARES final performance Oct. 31
House opens at 7:30 p.m., performance at 8, party follows
3152 East La Palma, Suite G
Anaheim, CA

At only $6, you can hardly afford not to go!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dancing Makes Me Hungry

I just got back from a salsa and merengue class. Do you know what would taste really good right now? Some chips and salsa and a slice of lemon meringue pie. But is there any salsa or pie in the house? Of course not.

Strictly Ballroom

Last night I took a dance lesson, proving I don't have to be around horses to get my feet stepped on. Fortunately, my partners this time were much, much lighter. I'll be polishing my waltz, swing and cha-cha skills in the coming weeks. One never knows when one might have to cha-cha, after all. Hey, if you want to see something even scarier than dance lessons, come to the final performance of Nightmares on Halloween night at the Gallery Theatre. It's only $6 and there's a party afterward. I'm told it's almost sold out, so call 714-630-9870.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Nightmares!

You have two more chances to catch me (and some other people) in "Nightmares" at the Gallery Theatre for the absurdly low price of $6 (unless you're reading this after the fact, which is hardly my fault, is it?). I've had several people tell me I'm creepy and scary. And some of them have actually seen the show.

Sunday Oct. 28 and Wednesday Oct. 31 (Halloween)
Show starts promptly at 8 p.m.
3152 East La Palma - Suite G
Anaheim, CA 92807

Reservations and Information:

Take the 91 freeway to Kraemer. Turn right at the end of the ramp and right again at La Palma (first light). The Gallery Theatre is located in the Sterling Business Complex.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mares & Nightmares

Monday: Auditioned for a role as a chef in a white jacket purchased specially for the occasion ($2 at a local thrift store) — two more auditions and wardrobe changes that day.
Tuesday: Traveled to Dude's Ranch for a riding lesson. Practiced steering, accelerating, reverse, and most importantly, braking. Had a great time, not realizing my thighs would still be sore five days later. Also managed to get my foot under a horse's hoof; glad I wore boots. Later, rehearsed for Nightmares, sore thighs and toes and all.
Wednesday: Went on audition or two. In the evening, performed reading of The Dybbuk — we made people cry, we got paid, and we were invited back to do another reading. A good night all-in-all.
Thursday: Had an audition wherein I was asked to pantomime running into an electric fence, do a bad robot imitation, fall over a chair and chase an imaginary monkey around the room. Bruised more than my dignity. Another Nightmares rehearsal
Friday: Another skating lesson. Last time I thought I lurched around like the Frankenstein monster. This time my coach said I wobbled like Winnie-the-Pooh. Is that better or worse?
Saturday: Saw a very enjoyable production of A Midsummer's Night Dream at the Next Stage. "Every man shall have his mare!"
Sunday: Off to a dress rehearsal of Nightmares. The show opens Thursday at the Gallery Theatre. I play two despicable characters. Come and show me some hate!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Demons, Golems, and Me

One man has delved to deeply into hidden things and another has kept his mind willfully ignorant of what his heart knows to be true. A woman loved by both is caught between the truth and the lie, the light and the shadow, the living and the dead. “Demons, Golems, and Dybbuks: Monsters of the Jewish Imagination” is the theme of a series of discussions being held in Pasadena this fall. On October 17, the conversation will focus on The Dybbuk: Between Two Worlds, considered a seminal work of Jewish theater. I will take on the role of Khonon/The Dybbuk in a staged reading that will precede the discussion. Preparing for the event has been a fascinating journey into a time, place, and belief system I knew very little about, and I look forward to learning more. For details or to register, contact Joanne Kim, (626) 585-7837,

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cool World

I have been visiting the cartooniverse lately. First, I interviewed the delightful Ann-Margret in her Beverly Hills home. Ann-Margret herself is quite real, but I first knew her as Ann-Margrock on The Flintstones. Then I auditioned for a role on the DVD release of... well, I signed a confidentiality agreement, but it was highly popular anime back when we used to just call it Japanese animation. In noncartoon news, I had my first ice-skating lesson. Technically, I think I've been to the rink at least once as a child, but I don't remember much more than sitting down, hard, a lot. This time I managed to stay vertical for several stiff, lumbering turns around the rink. I must have looked like Boris Karloff in Frankenstein on Ice.