Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Working Late at the Office Again, August 9

Improvisation Inundation is doing another show at The Office. We'll be combining old favorites with brand-new games to create a hearty improv stew. ($10 a bowl. Actual food available at additional charge.) The show starts at 8, but you can start drinking at 6:30 to sharpen your comedy appetite. Reservations recommended.

The Office Sports Bar & Grill
2106 North Tustin Avenue
Santa Ana , CA 92705


Yesterday I auditioned for a commercial in which I was supposed to be an automotive engineer whose wife thought he was cheating on her because he was spending so much time at the office, but he was really working on how to improve a car that couldn't be improved because it was already perfect, but when he gets home his wife gives him a suspicious look and he's supposed to react, but not too much, because the director wants it to be subtle, but enough so that the viewer instantly knows what's going on, but make it funny, but not too funny, because it's supposed to be real, but not too real, because that would be sad. So I just looked tired (because he was working late), hungry (it was suppertime), and confused (because he didn't know what her problem was), which I thought would be easy because I was tired (it was kind of a stressful day), hungry (I'd skipped lunch) and I really could not understand what the director wanted. I haven't gotten a callback, so maybe I didn't look tired, hungry, and confused enough. Or maybe I looked too tired, hungry, and confused. Or maybe I looked too tired, not hungry enough, and just as confused as I was supposed to. Or maybe my tired and confused were enough, but I wasn't supposed to look hungry. Or...

So today I was a sheep, and then a talk-show host. Surprisingly, I think I was a better sheep than a talk-show host. At least, it was surprising to me. Maybe it isn't to others. But they might decided to go with someone woollier anyway.