Thursday, January 31, 2008

At Least the Dog Likes Me

Here's a picture of me with Stetson. No, not the hat - you think I can afford Stetson hats? Stetson is the name of the Australian shepherd. At least, that's what he's rumored to be, although he's awfully tall for an Aussie and kind of rangy looking. I'm not too sure he's only 3 years old, either. He's awfully mellow for a 3-year-old Aussie. But hey, who hasn't fudged a little on a resume? Anyway, I think we complement each other nicely. Our hair is the same colors. And with all the auditions I've been going on lately, it's nice to interact with someone who won't reject me and whose needs are pretty easy to figure out. Walk me, feed me, pet me. That's about it. I wish casting directors were that easy.