Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weaving All Night

It took a marathon session but I finally updated my Web site, keithbush.com. Actually, it ended up being more of a rebuild than an update. It's not completely finished, but it now has some of the things an actor's Web site is supposed to have, like a resume, headshots, and performance stills.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Saturdays at AAT

Here's a picture of some of the people at a Live Earth party I recently attended. When I wasn't standing awkwardly in the corner painfully aware of my own datelessness, I had a pretty good time. I met some fascinating people, enjoyed some good food, and we talked about saving the earth a little. A week later, I returned to Actor's Art Theatre for an intensive soap opera workshop. I had worked with the instructor, Jolene Adams, before in a production called Shakespeare's Italian Lovers, so I was confident I could learn from her. She has a real knack for drawing solutions out of the actor rather than imposing them from the outside. I learned a lot about the challenges facing soap opera actors and I think it will serve me well when the time comes to lather up.